Stripes have been a menswear staple for ages.  They are great wardrobe staple because they’re an effortless way to add personality to your outfit. Always dynamic, they can be worn in daytime or at night. The key thing to keep in mind when wearing stripes is that the rest of your outfit should complement, rather than overpower it. With stripes you can choose traditional colours if you’re after a classic look, or go a little bolder and adventurous in bigger and wider stripes (such as monocolour “Bengal” stripes”). Rocking a striped look is about striking a balance between casual and classic. A great way to incorporate classic stripes into suiting is, of course, with a pinstripe suit. The sartorial-savvy way for success is to make sure the shirt stripes and the suit stripes are of different widths and frequency.

For ladies, stripes are even more versatile because they can be used for business shirts, blouses, casual overshirts or summer dresses. We recommend you pick “large cut” before you add these fabrics to your cart, so there is more fabric to work with!

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