About Us

Founded in 1971, SÖKTAŞ is the silent giant behind many of the world’s best known fashion labels. We are a specialist maker and supplier of cotton and cotton-blended shirtings and, more recently, jacket and trouser fabrics, which offer luxury at every level. Our R&D initiatives, innovative design team, and comprehensive archive, which includes upwards of 350,000 fabric samples, ensure that our customers are always ahead of industry trends.

In our fully vertically integrated facility we have control over the entire production chain, from cotton growing, to yarn spinning fabric design, weaving all the way up to final finishing. This expertise, coupled with the efficiency of our ordering system allows us to respond with speed and precision to fabric orders of any scale, from 2 meters to 200 kilometers.

We are committed to the development of original yarns and new blends, which marry exceptional cottons with fine wool, silks, and linen. Through a collaboration with the Cotton Research Institute, we developed a hybrid seed, grew it on our own land, and produced a super premium cotton yarn whose strong, silky texture rivals those of most Egyptian Giza varieties. We called it Meander 71, Europe’s longest staple cotton, named after the historic Meander river that runs through our lands..

“The synergy of heritage and our hard work creates the unbroken chain of fibre to fabric with care and inspiration” – Muharrem Kayhan, Chairman


Of the many R & D projects we undertake, none exemplifies our commitment to exceptional fabrics better than our development of a brand new variety of cotton. This was a long-term project, undertaken in partnership with the Cotton Research Institute of Turkey, culminating in a new plant that produces exceptionally strong, fine and silky fibres. Meander 71, which we grow ourselves, gives us a yarn to rival most of the Egyptian Giza varieties, which we use in special, limited release lines of super-fine cotton fabrics.

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